Suitable for both Classic and Volume lash applications, this beauties use is diverse. Inline with lash visions aim of sustainable lashing Clear Vision lash adhesive offers incredible retention when used according to Lash Vision guidelines.



- Ultra Strong Hold
- Incredible Retention
- Fast Dry Time
- Easy to use
- Tested in every Australian state for proof retention and lash artist’s tick of approval
- Biodegradable outer packaging
- 100% Cruelty free, NOT tested on animals


Colour: Clear
Viscosity: Medium
Bond: Strong and semi-flexible
Fumes: Minimal. Low humidity and temperature will create higher irritation
Humidity range: 30-70%
Temperature range: 18-22 degrees Celsius
Unopened bottles: 6 months


Drying time:
30-40% humidity: 3-4 seconds (bond may not be as strong)
40-45% humidity: 2-3 seconds
45-60% humidity: 1-2 seconds (Optimal humidity)
60-70% humidity: 0.5-1 seconds (bond may not be as strong)

Ideal 19 to 21 degrees
Cyanoacrylate does not like heat or being too cold, room regulation is key for ultimate retention.
In order to preserve your Glue
Unopened bottles: Stored in the fridge in bag provided below 10 degrees Celsius. Allow adhesive to reach room temperature prior to use - 4 hours suggested
Keep away from Sunlight, Moisture, Heat and in a shaded place -heat will weaken your adhesive

Opened bottles:
Store in an air-tight container or original zip packaging with silica in a cool dry place (change silica weekly). Don't store adhesive in the refrigerator once you've opened it.
Full time lash artists replace bottles every 2-3 weeks
Part time lash artists 1 month
Keep away from Sunlight, Moisture, heat and in a shaded place - heat will weaken your adhesive
Close lid tightly after every use
Replace glue nozzle weekly, keep nozzle clean. Do not wipe nozzle with tissue, paper or cotton based fibres.
Shake 30 seconds prior to dispensing glue droplet.
Replace glue droplet every 10-15 minutes, if your temperature is above 22 degrees this will need to be sooner

Clear Vision Lash Adhesive 5ml