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Brazilian Wax FAQs for Beginner Waxers

If you’ve never gone for a Brazilian wax, you may be a bit hesitant to get one. But there is nothing to be nervous about, and once you’ve gotten your first wax, you’ll probably never look back. As providers of waxing services, including Brazilian waxes, in Hamilton, Fifth Lash provides some answers to frequently asked questions.

Does it Hurt?

While Brazilian waxes can certainly be a bit painful, the anticipation of the pain is more often than not worse than the pain itself. A professional waxer works quickly and efficiently to cause you as little pain as possible.

Is a Brazilian Wax Better Than Shaving?

Waxing has many benefits over shaving, including a smoother finish, no spiky regrowth, no razor rash, slower hair growth, and many more.

How Long to Wait Between Waxes?

The amount of time between Brazilian waxes is slightly different for each person and will depend on how fast your hair grows. On average, most people get a Brazilian wax every three weeks or around once a month. The hair needs to grow to at least 1 centimeter before it can be waxed again.

Why is it Best to Go to a Professional Waxing Salon?

You could try giving yourself a Brazilian wax with an at-home waxing kit, but it can be quite difficult to get to hard-to-reach areas, and you could end up hurting yourself. Going to a professional waxing salon ensures a safe and comfortable experience.

How Much Hair is Taken Off in a Brazilian Wax?

All the hair in the pubic region is taken off in a Brazilian Wax. You can opt to leave a small strip of hair or a triangle of hair if you prefer. If you only want the hair around the sides of your pubic region taken off, you should opt for a bikini wax.

Can I Get a Brazilian Wax When I’m on My Period?

Getting a wax while on your period can be more painful than any other time of the month, so it is better to schedule your Brazilian and bikini waxes around your period.

Are you looking to get a professional Brazilian wax in Hamilton? Here at Fifth Lash, we offer a range of professional waxing services. Book a Brazillian wax with us today.

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