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Fifth Lash is owned and operated by Fiona Weizman, former owner of Fiona Harvey Lash & Brow. Fifth Lash offers only the safest application of eyelash extensions and specialise in all things lashes and brows. Fiona will design and deliver customised lash and brows treatments to meet your desires making you feel fabulous but never compromising your natural hair growth.

You deserve the best, and we are passionate about giving you just that.

Fifth Lash is a proud member of Associates of Registered Lash Artists (ARLA) which gives you complete peace of mind we are up to date with education and safety in all aspects of your lash application.

For more information about ARLA -

Inverted Coma


"I'm so in love with my lashes! I honestly can't believe they're my own and that with a lash lift and tint you made them look so amazing. You didn't just put a full set of extensions on which I had originally booked which was more money to you. You chose what was best for me as the client. Thank you so much"

Inverted Coma

"I've never had extensions that feel so light! I don't even know they are on and they look so beautiful. It is so nice to see someone so passionate about their skill, it really shows in your work. Thank you"

Inverted Coma


"Thank you for spending the time to discuss what lash extensions would suit me and my lifestyle best. As a first timer I was rather anxious and overwhelmed by the different options but you really educated me on the full process. I love them and I think the lashes I got are just perfect for me."

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