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Q: How long do eyelash extensions last?
A: Infills are required every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking nice and full. If you do not wish to maintain your extensions these will gradually fall out daily and can last 3-4 weeks or longer depending on your natural lash cycle and how you look after them. Please note it is completely normal to lose 3-5 extensions per day.


Q: How should eyelash extensions feel once applied?
A: Your extensions are very light and most clients can't feel them. They should be comfortable to wear when applied correctly. If your extensions are uncomfortable or give a pulling feeling please contact your lash artist.


Q: How long does it take to apply a classic full set of lash extensions?
A: Approximately 1.5-2hrs hours depending on the amount of natural lashes you have.


Q: How many lashes make a classic full set?
A: Approximately 80-100+ lashes per eye depending on the fullness of your natural lashes. If you are wanting to achieve a fuller look we recommend  a hybrid set or a volume set. A classic set will not add volume or fullness.


Q: Can I use eye makeup remover?
A: Only water based remover or cleanser may be used. No oil based products should be used near the eye area. If in doubt, purchase a lash shampoo at your next appointment.


Q: What is the difference between Classic Lashes & Volume Lashes?

A: Classic lashing is the art of skillfully applying one single eyelash extension, to one isolated natural lash. The Volume technique is a pristine method in which you are SAFELY applying anywhere from 2-6 super fine, lightweight extensions per natural lash. 

2D - two super fine, lightweight extensions per natural lash

3D - three super fine, lightweight extensions per natural lash

4D - four super fine, lightweight extensions per natural lash

5D - five super fine, lightweight extensions per natural lash

6D - six super fine, lightweight extensions per natural lash

anything above 6D we class as mega volume, applying more lashes per natural lash but reducing the thickness to do so.


Q: I currently have classic lashes on but want to try volume lashes. What should I do?

A: When due for your next infill please book a Hybrid/Volume infill option. It is recommended to book at least a 60min volume infill for the first volume infill.

You can absolutely try different lash sets at each infill appointment . Please be aware it may take a couple of infill appointments to achieve the look you desire.


Q: Can I wear makeup when having my eyelashes applied?
A: The eyelashes must be clean and clear of all makeup and oils. Avoid wearing waterproof mascara 2-3 days before your appointment. If the lashes are not absolutely clean during the application process, we cannot guarantee the extensions will last as long as they should.

The cleaner the lashes, the better application we can achieved. It is extremely important to keep your lashes clean at all times whilst wearing eyelash extensions to help keep your natural lashes healthy.  We do not want hair follicles to be blocked from natural oils, make up debris and/or sweat. If build up occurs, new lashes cannot grow properly and you will thin out your natural lash line.


Q: Do I need to wear mascara after eyelash extensions?
A: We do not recommend wearing mascara of any kind as it reduces the life of your eyelash extensions, weighs down your natural lash and over time can cause infections and/or damage to your natural lashes if not cleaned regularly and properly.


Q: What maintenance is required?
A: It is recommended that you lightly brush your eyelash extensions everyday however do not brush the extensions when the lashes are wet.

Following the aftercare instructions is highly recommended to get the most out of your extensions. Infills are needed every 2-3 weeks, no longer than 4 weeks, to keep them looking their best. Regularly cleaning of your extensions is a must to maintain healthy natural lashes. Cleaning your extensions with a Lash Shampoo is recommended. You can purchase lash shampoo in the studio or click here to buy online

Avoid playing with the extensions, touching or picking. Self removal is not advised, please return for a professional removal. A fee will apply for a removal treatment.

Q: Why does it take so long for a Russian Volume set of lashes?

A: This is a very skilful technique. At Fifth Lash we are proud to say we hand make all of our pretty little volume fans that we attach to your lashes. Not many lash artists can say they hand make their fans. A lot of untrained Russian Volume lash artists use Premades or Promades. This is when they buy fans already made and apply them like a classic lash. This can be quicker in application but you cannot customise your lash sets as easily to suit clients needs and can also be very heavy for the natural lash.


Q: How long does it take to get an infill?
A: Approximately 40-90 minutes depending on the amount of lashes required and the lash set you have chosen. The longer appointment you book, the more lashes you will get!


Q: When can I not have eyelash extensions applied?
A: If you have any eye irritations or infections or experience allergies pertaining to products being applied to your skin or hair.

We cannot perform eyelash extensions on those who are currently undergoing any type of cancer treatment. Please wait 12months to make sure your immune system is stronger and risk of any reaction will be lower.


Q: How do I get the extensions off?

A: Never try and remove your extensions yourself. This will only cause irritation to your eyes and damage to your natural lashes. Always see a professional eyelash extension artist for a safe, non damaging removal. During this appointment, a gel is applied to your lashes which breaks down the adhesive allowing the extensions to gently slide off. A painless and fairly quick treatment.


Q: What do I do if I need to change or cancel my booking?

A: Please use the link provided in your confirmation email to cancel or reschedule. Please see our Cancellation Policy for terms and conditions.

Q: What is the difference between a Brow Tint and Hybrid Stain?

A: A brow tint is designed to dye the hair only and can last on the hair up to 14days.

A Hybrid Stain treatment is designed to stain the skin for approximately 5-10 days and can stay on the hair for around 4- 6 weeks. Hybrid Stain is great for those with sparser brows or brows that require filling in with make up.

Please note, results will differ from person to person depending on skin type, daily routine, skin care products used. 

Q: What is a lash lift?

A: At Fifth Lash we use the global award winning brand, Elleebana. 

This is an easy, pain free treatment to enhance your natural lashes to achieve a natural curl. By adding a curl to your natural lashes you will achieve the illusion of longer, fuller lashes. Combine your treatment with a lash tint and wow your friends and family with your new lashes. They won't believe they are real! The best way to prepare for a lash lift is to come to your appointment with clean eyes and no make up on. Combine it with a lash tint for optimum results.

Q: How long does a lash lift last?

A: This will depend on the speed of your natural lash cycle but most will gain approx. 6 weeks of lift. The lashes will eventually grow out, as does the curl and lashes will shed and new lashes will grow.

It is recommend to return for another lash lift around 6-8 weeks. We will not perform another lash lift within 4 weeks from your last lash lift.

Q: What aftercare is involved after a Lash Lift?

A: You will be required to stay away from steam i.e kettles, very hot showers, ovens... for the first 48hrs. You are also required to not get them wet or apply any make up on the lashes during this 48hr timeframe to allow the hair follicles to normalise after the treatment. We have two great aftercare products to hydrate and nourish your lashes. Elleevate - Lash Lift Mascara or Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare Formula. You can purchase these in the studio.

Q: Can I get a Lash Lift if I am pregnant?

A: Yes, however please note due to increased hormones, your results may vary. Please also be aware of the risk of an allergic reaction or sensitivity. If this occurs, as like any medical condition when pregnant your options for medication may be limited. 

Q: Who should not be waxed?

A: -Anyone currently taking accutane (acne medication) as this thins your skin.

-Anyone with active infections.

- Anyone who has used retinol in the last 48 hours prior to your appointment.

-Anyone who has had a chemical peel in the last 7 days.

-Anyone will visible signs of trauma on the skin eg; varicose veins.

Note: you can still attend your appointment if the above isn't related to the body part you intend to get waxed.

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